Margarita Cupcakes – After Dark

I remember now why I like quick, small crafty projects: instant gratification.  For example, right now I’m working on a rather large (14″ x 14″) needlepoint.  Although I’m genuinely loving every stitch, and it really is progressing at a reasonable clip, I still have nothing completed to show for my efforts.  Ditto my recovering project.  Waiting for my not-so-silent partner to hold up his end of things means I don’t yet have an awesome “finished” photo.  For someone who blogs about her crafty exploits, it can be frustrating.

Thank heavens for cupcakes.  Who doesn’t like foodporn photos of cute, tender little cups of love?

And look!  With a different finish than usual!  I usually follow the prescribed decorating from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World; that is, a demure little layer of icing spread evenly on top while coloured sugar coyly mimics the salted rim of a real margarita.  (This can be seen in an earlier post.)  Somehow, though, the fluffy piped swirls and haphazardly sprinkled sugar just scream, “Fiesta!”  Perfect, since I’ll be taking four to a coworker who has just a) turned the big 6-0 and b) announced her rapidly approaching retirement.

Public opinion will determine whether this flirty new approach sticks.  I’m sure my test subjects can hardly wait.

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