Why don’t you make like a banana and split…

…into a dozen delicious cupcakes!  Muahahaha!


I had had a hankering for these for a while, and had slowly been acquiring the ingredients necessary to churn out a batch.  When soy yogurt – *bing* – magically found its way into my fridge on Friday, I knew I was in the clear.

These are Banana Split Cupcakes from Kris Holechek’s The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes, and oh, lordy, they can make believers out of omnivores!

The picture doesn’t do them justice.  A moist vanilla cake studded with chopped maraschino cherries and bananas, mini chocolate chips, and crushed pineapple…heaven!  I actually wound up with 16 cupcakes instead of the alleged 12, but this is my own fault for not measuring my mix-ins as precisely as I could have.  (“Eh…that looks like 1/4 cup.”)  I topped them off with a basic vanilla buttercream piped into approximations of swirls, and sprinkled a few chopped peanuts on top for good measure.  They make a nice contrast to the sweet of the cupcake and icing.

The best part?  My cherries were not quite as thoroughly drained as they ought to have been, and imparted a lovely pale pink colour to the batter.  It wasn’t my intention to make Valentine’s cupcakes – I used the heart-print liners because they’re seasonal, but it wasn’t a deliberate attempt or anything – but I wound up with them anyway.

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