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From the Vault: Scrub Top

I say “vault” because this was actually a Christmas present for my mom, and it’s only now that I’ve gotten around to taking pictures and posting it.  I had originally seen the Bugs Bunny fabric in Fabricland last summer, and knew I had to buy some without really having a firm plan for it; the plan fell very quickly into place shortly thereafter.  [Internal monologue: “What would I do with that?”  “I dunno, make a scrub top?  He’s got the lab coat and stethoscope and everything.”]

With the fabric at home and the plan in mind, I dragged my wonderfully patient friend to WalMart’s craft department and flashed different pattern envelopes at him.  “Okay, this…or this?  Do you like the crossover style, or the one with the pocket detail?  Hey, this one claims to be so easy, what do you think?”  We agreed that Simplicity It’s So Easy 3633 fit the bill.  I love when he indulges my whims like that.

Despite having everything picked out so far in advance, and even having cut the pattern pieces out well ahead of time, it was still 9:00 on Christmas Eve before I finished the blasted thing.  Fortunately, she loved it, and thought I had bought it.  On to the pictures!  The front:

And a close-up of that awesome fabric (you may get a larger view if you click it.  Go on, you know you want to):

A final note: I don’t have a serger, but to keep the seams nice n’ sturdy, I trimmed my seam allowances once they were sewn, and re-sewed them with a zig-zag stitch.  This thing ought to be able to stand up to whatever she has planned for it.

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