Glamour Puss

December 28, 2009

The presents have all been opened…mostly, and the Boxing Day sales are over: at last, I can post what I made for my Avon lady for Christmas.

Around this time last year, you’ll recall, I posted pictures of all the handmade Christmas gifts I had managed to finish, and Heather was the lucky recipient of a Margaret Sherry cat posing with a green bauble.  (I’ll pause whilst you scroll down and confirm this.)  I was quite grateful to the good people at Cross Stitcher magazine for having provided the 2009 Margaret Sherry calendar complete with 16 new patterns, including this one:

Perfect choice for a purveyor of cosmetic products, eh??  Originally, the entire background was supposed to be stitched in pink, but I cut a much-needed corner and instead ordered pink opalescent aida from – and I think it looks better.  Now I need to start thinking about next year’s piece…

2 Responses to “Glamour Puss”

  1. Laurie Cornelius Says:

    Hi, I have been searching for Margaret Sherrys cross stitch pattern “glamour puss” and was wondering if you could send me in the right direction. I absolutely love it but cannot find it anywhere!!!!! Any ideas? Thanks so much. Laurie Cornelius at

    • wittychild Says:

      Hi Laurie – my copy of the pattern came from a free calendar that accompanied an ooooold issue of the British magazine Cross Stitcher. I’d guess it’s probably about ten years old by now, but you might get lucky by checking eBay to see if anyone has a copy up for grabs.

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