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Maiden post: Bite Me

So: when we found out at work that our operational support clerk was leaving our team for a different position on a different floor, I decided I needed to make him something to remember us (or, well, me) by.  For some reason, Subversive Cross Stitch sprung immediately to mind, and I thought the “Bite Me” design was safe enough that he could display it at work without being hauled off for a refresher course in Creating a Respectful Workplace.  You can see the original here:, but I thought I’d make a few changes and kick it up a bit.

The finished product:

I framed it in a handy-dandy trivet kit from Michael’s:

And he seems pleased!

The lettering and snowflake-y bits are done in DMC Fluorescent Effects floss, which was kind of slippery to work with, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  I’m tough.  I think I may have to do one for myself, yet; I was sad to see this one go despite the warm reception it got (maybe black fabric with white floss…?).

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